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Macrogen Corp. is a CLIA-certified lab that provides distinguished quality genomic technology services (NGS, capillary sequencing and bioinformatics) to researchers in academic and clinical settings. We are located in biomedical community in Rockville, MD (HQ), as well as in Boston and New York. Macrogen Corp. has highly trained experts in cutting-edge NGS instrument systems such as the Illumina’s latest HiSeq X/HiSeq 2500 and Life Technologies’s Ion PGM/Proton instruments. Macrogen Inc., our parent company, has been providing genome research solutions to over 16 countries in Asia and Europe since 1997.

Available Positions


  - Accounts Receivable


  - Data Scientist
  - BI Analyst

Clinical Services

  - Quality Assurance Specialist

Human Resources

  - HR Associate


  - Computer Programmer
  - Graphic/Web Designer
  - Computer Systems Analyst

Lab: CES

  - Laboratory Technician

Lab: NGS

  - Laboratory Technician
  - Biological Technician

Sales & Marketing

  - Logistics Coordinator
  - Marketing Coordinator