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Code Unit Group Unit Name Qty. Unit Type
FS001 Sequencing Plasmid Sequencing Reaction
FS002 Sequencing PCR Product Sequencing Reaction
FS003 Sequencing 1 Primer / 1 Plate (96-well) 96 Plate
FS004 Sequencing 2 Primers / 1 Plate (96-well) 96 Plate
FS005 Sequencing Additional Primer / 1 Plate (96-well) EA
FS007 Sequencing BAC Sequencing Reaction
FS008 Sequencing Cosmid(Fosmid) Sequencing Reaction
FS015 Sequencing Ready to Run (Running Only) Reaction
FN001 Primer Synthesis Primer Synthesis Mer
FN002 Primer Synthesis Primer Design and Synthesis EA
FP001 Preparation PCR Product Purification-exoSAP Sample
FP002 Preparation PCR product Purification-exoSAP (96-well) 96 Well
FP003 Preparation Plasmid Preparation Sample
FP004 Preparation Plasmid Preparation (96-well) 96 Well
FP005 Preparation PCR Amplification Sample
FP008 Preparation DNA Isolation Sample
FP010 Preparation PCR Optimization Individual
FP011 Preparation Circular DNA Preparation-single tube Sample
FP012 Preparation Circular DNA Preparation-96-well 96 Well
FP013 Preparation PCR product Gel Extraction Sample
FS009 Sequencing 16S rRNA Sequencing Sample
FS010 Sequencing Primer Walking Size(Kb)
FS016 Sequencing 16S rRNA Sequencing-DNA Sample
FS018 Sequencing Difficult Sequencing Reaction
FS011 Sequencing EZ-Seq/Single Reaction
FS012 Sequencing EZ-Seq/Plate 96 Plate
FS017 Sequencing EZ-Care/Single Reaction